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Environmental, Land Use, and Elections Law
Serving public interest and private clients since 1990

Stuart Flashman is a solo practitioner with his offices located in the Rockridge section of Oakland California, one block from the Rockridge BART station.
Dr. Flashman's areas of practice are environmental, land use, and elections law.  Within the environmental area, Dr. Flashman specializes in litigation under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  In the land use area, his focus is on planning and zoning law; particularly general plan consistency and challenges under the Subdivision Map Act.
In the election law area, Dr. Flashman's focus is on ballot measures, both initiatives and referenda.  This includes assistance in preparing and qualifying measures, as well as litigation over the validity of measures.
The remainder of this website provides additional information on Dr. Flashman's legal specialties, as well as background information and several essays relating to his areas of practice.
You may reach Dr. Flashman by telephone or e-mail using the information at the bottom of the page.
Please be aware that contacting Dr. Flashman, either by telephone or e-mail, does not, in itself, establish an attorney-client relationship.

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