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Professional Background

Professional Background
Environmental Law
Land Use Law
Elections Law
Clients and Cases
Smart Growth vs. Wisely Planned Communities
Does CEQA have a future?
A Short Diatribe on Political Campaign Reform


  • A.B./Sc.M  (Biology) Brown University  1969
  • Ph.D. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
    Harvard University  1976
  • J.D. New College of California 1990

Professional Credentials

  • Member, California State Bar
  • Admitted to Practice, Northern & Eastern Districts of California, 9th Circuit Court of Appeal

Professional Experience

  • 1990-present     Law Offices of Stuart Flashman
    solo practice in environmental, land use
                                       and elections law
  • 1987-1988          Consultant in Biotechnology
  • 1980-1987          Senior Research Biologist
    Stauffer Chemical Co., Richmond, CA
  • 1977-1980          Assistant Professor of Genetics
    North Carolina State University,
                                       Raleigh, NC
  • 1975-1976          Research Associate
    Michigan State Univ., ERDA Plant
                                      Research Laboratory, E. Lansing, MI

Public and Community Service

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