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Sierra Club v. Contra Costa County (Camino Tassajara Project)

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This lawsuit challenged the EIR for a series of related residential project just east of the Town of Danville along Camino Tassajara near Alamo Creek.  In addition to the project's expected traffic impacts, it also impinged on habitat for the endangered California Red-legged Frog and could interfere with that species recovery.
A settlement was reached involving, among other things, additional steps to try to promote transit use and carpooling by project residents.  The other major settlement provision was protecting potential red-legged from habitat areas and migration corridors so that the species might have a better chance of recovering some of its lost habitat range.  However, it must be conceded that the successof these measures is somehwat speculative.  Only time will tell the extent to which this project's potentially damaging impacts have been reduced.





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