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Doyle Street Condominium Association v City of Emeryville (Chiron)

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This lawsuit challenged the EIR for Chiron's proposed major expansion of its corporate headquarters in Emeryville.  In addition to several large research labs, the expansion also included a highrise corporate office tower.  The EIR concluded there would be no significant impacts, despite adding thousands of cars to the area and the highrise's shadow impacts on neighboring residences and a community park.
The case settled, including Chiron's agreement to mitigate traffic noise levels when they increased by five decibels above existing levels and mitigation for shadow impacts when the highrise was built.
With Chiron's purchase by Novartis, it appears unlikely that the highrise tower will ever be built.  Traffic noise levels have almost reached the point where mitigation is triggered; but the economic downturn and resulting layoffs may delay that.





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