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This was a challenge by a coalition of residents of Richmond and San Pablo to the EIR for the Richmond Parkway along the Richmond shoreline and into San Pablo.  There were two major issues:  protection of the Richmond shoreline is areas adjoining the highway and protection of San Pablo residents living near the Parkway from its noise impacts.
The lawsuit was initially settled by an agreement that the City of Richmond would provide improvements to protect the shoreline and, before the roadway opened, would install a soundwall along the overcrossing leading into San Pablo.  However, when the Parkway was opened to traffic, the soundwall was nowhere to be seen.
A second lawsuit was therefore filed challenging the City's failure to comply with the settlement agreement.  After prolonged negotiations, the City finally complied with the settlement agreement by constructing the soundwall.  The results can be seen as you head eastbound along the Richmond parkway just west of Giant Road.







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